How to Set up an Indoor Water Fountain in Small Parisian Apartments

Setting up your own indoor water fountain allows you to make your own choice of color, material, and size. If it’s in a smaller Parisian apartment the water fountain decoration must, of course, look appealing and relaxing without taking much space to avoid a cluttered feel. Here’s how you make one:

Preparing the materials

When planning to install a mini indoor plant-lined stream and waterfall fountain, the primary materials you can use are rocks, a planter, and a small pond pump. These are inexpensive and easy to manipulate, thus homeowners can set them up on their own. Other things you need are:

  • Treated wood – serves as the fountain’s wall brace
  • Sheet of acrylic – frames the fountain and prevents nearby tools from water damage
  • Water pump – circulates the water
  • Planter – serves as your water reservoir
  • Plastic tubing – used to maintain fluid flow of the fountain
  • Ceramic tiles or slate – to give the fountain an attractive look

Hanging the Water Fountain Frame

Using treated wood and acrylic as the wall brace, the fountain frame should be attached properly to the wall. Use a drill to bolt anchor screws into the wall for stability. After placing the frame, connect the planter or water reservoir underneath. Ensure that the bottom of the frame is in place inside the planter.

Connecting the Water Pump

A water pump allows the water to circulate from the water reservoir to the top of the fountain, allowing it to rain down back to the planter. The pump must be secured in the bottom using waterproof adhesive or suction cup. Attach plastic tubing so it connects to the pump and along the back of the fountain to the top.

Filling the Water Fountain

After installing the indoor fountain and connecting the water pump, it’s now time to fill the fountain with water. Tap water is fine, but distilled water is more advisable because this keeps the fountain from rust and corrosion. Regularly check water levels and add more if needed as the water usually evaporates from the fountain over time.

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