Whether it is for your house renovation, decoration, maintenance, or DIY projects, this website will help you become more involved in building quality projects for your French homes. We understand the struggle of finding builders who can assist you with your home projects in France especially if you have limited French vocabulary. There are builders who charge an expensive fee and yet cannot meet your standards. This is most likely because of communication problems. Then, there are some who simply fail to do the right job. These problems have led almost all expatriates in France to becoming builders of their own.

We know that finding the right builders is very important to avoid damage, but if it cannot be helped, you need to get down and do the job yourself. This website can serve as your beginner builder’s guide.

I have been living in Paris with my partner for three years now, and we both understand your struggles. When we first came here, I didn’t even have basic French language knowledge. My boyfriend knows a little, but not enough. Shopping alone for house materials was a struggle. Negotiating with the builders was worse. When we had enough, we both decided to do all minor jobs (and some major ones) ourselves. We found ourselves having fun rebuilding our rented home.

If you need assistance for your house renovation, browse through our blogs to know more information about the different building techniques, tips and tricks in maximizing space, and more. We also give suggestions for French homes decorations.