DIY Beds for Smaller Parisian Apartments

Small Parisian apartments usually have a measurement of 30 sq m (322 sq ft), a size that challenges any interior designer. Instead of going through the trouble of buying a bed that might not actually fit in, you can resort to building your own. Below are some DIY projects to give you ideas on building your own bed as well as trying to find the perfectly firm mattress:

DIY IKEA Cabinet bed

The cabinet bed is resourcefully and cleverly done and definitely helpful for DIY beginners. Based on IKEA Sektion system, the available sizes of cabinets are 15, 20, 30, and 40 inches in height, while 15 and 24 inches in depth. The construction of this bed is not time-consuming, and your can just recycle your old or unused IKEA Cabinet.

DIY Cabinet-Sofa-Bed Combo

This DIY combination of a sofa and cabinet wall that transforms into a bed allows you to maximize your furniture at home without taking much space of the small apartment. What you need is a next bed kit for $500, melamine cut to size for $230, IKEA Söderhamn couch set for $580, IKEA Morgedal mattress for $300, and misc boards and hardware for $200. You will spend a total of $1800 only.

DIY Coffee Table and Folding Bed

Now, you can enjoy a cup of coffee while working on a flexible table that also transforms into a bed. Your small Parisian apartment might not allow you add an extra space for guests, so having this furniture will really come in handy.

DIY Hanging Bunk Beds

The hanging bunk beds can fit up to three people in one small room. This can also be fun and entertaining for kids. All you need is to modify the hanging daybed using a thick rope and metal hooks and attach or bolt them on the wall. Then throw in some bed cushion, linens, and pillows. The hanging beds will turn out to be sturdy. However, for safety purposes, it is advisable not to jump too much on it.

DIY Cubic Bed

There isn’t really much material needed for this DIY as the cubic bed only requires you to maximize the use of your divider. Below you can store your clothes, shoes, books, and even a TV set. Above, you can set up your bed. You just need to attach a ladder.

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